Another Year, Another Journey

25 Jun

I rolled out of Melbourne a year ago on a wicked, satiating road trip to the warmer climes of northern Australia and the time is nigh to do it again.

However this time, I venture South below the mainland to a place I’ve never visited; Tasmania. I’ve always been intrigued by its surreal images of nature. The people are always the best of us. Down to earth and proud of their Isle. 

It’s winter in southern Australia and colder still in Tasmania. I will be roughing it in the back of my trusty old ute ( that’s an Aussie pick-up for you foreign readers), for a mere week. Hikes, dirt roads, camping and hopefully some fun and culture in the cities of Hobart and Launceston.
I depart tomorrow evening taking the car ferry (The Spirit of Tasmania) across the wild Bass Strait for who knows what! 

I love the mystery and the nerves are kicking in. But I’ve always felt well guided by the spirit that guides all well intentioned journeyers and I hope I can feed any readers and friends with something insight and beauty as I take the plunge wayyyyyy down again.

Oh and as an afterthought: I go to S.E Asia in two weeks for another journey so the cold will be easy to bare with that in mind. 
Peace to y’all. 

pre journey


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