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26 Aug

On a semi sunny Saturday I hired a bike and rode my rented bike through the Dutch country side, on Amsterdam’s outer edge. With my Argentinian companion Nerina, we wheeled our way across the canals and waterways, observing these Dutch folk atop our 2wheeled viewpoint. We destined ourselves for Oudekerk aan de Amstel, a quaint village, following the Amstel river for 10 km’s. The serenity only really hits you when the hustle and bustle of the city evaporates, the winding country lanes open up, the cattle become evidently in your face and the road traffic fewer.

After a few beers and a wander, we saddled up and wound back towards Amsterdam. We settled on the riverbank and after 10 minutes partook in a Dutch perk – we smoked a joint under the sun. After its affects took place I understood many things about the Dutch way of life. Growing up with more freedoms than some, accompanied by a vast network of waterways, a canvas of green landscape, these people have a supreme way of life. Taking a boat out for the day, eating food, drinking, laughing and rolling down the river is what I’d call a nice way to spend a Saturday. You can tell this has shaped the personalities of the Nederlands folk, their environment effectively shaping their way of life. Master craftsman one and all.

You soon notice the crooked houses. The foundations are more or less non evident. They lean forward, backward, left and right. The word crooked comes to mind. A suitable word for the city. Crooked in relation to the straight laced, conservative cities of the west. Strict laws on personal simple freedoms and choices, purveyors of dated ideals; that needs to change in our world. Amsterdam is a forerunner for the expansion of expression, self sovereignty and consciousness expansion. Everyone who doesn’t fit in, will fit in.

Amsterdam is a maze. It’s a jungle land. The concrete becomes your savannah. Not literally . It’s a jungle for the mind to navigate. Lights flashing, weird faces, most high. And they wonder:

“Are you there too dude, are we navigating this together? ”

I’d say:

“Where on the same wavelength, son! ” ( All telepathically of course)

Amsterdam is many things but you’ll never forget you’ve changed after visiting here. The possibilities of life explode beyond being there, even for a short while.