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12 Mar

The dance of time and incidence is the thrusting back and forth of feminine and masculine archetypes. The age of goddess worship saw humanity live in harmony with its Mother Earth. It took what it needed, worshipping the sacred ground it walked upon, holding women in absolute reverence.

After a while the masculinity of man was slowly smothered by the feministic vibrations. Our reality is one of duality and polarity (see upcoming post for more on polarity), so naturally a balancing act occurred. The patriarchy took over. We need only look at the concept of Original Sin, and the tarnishing of women to realise, masculinity reigned again. The witch burnings, post Inquisition, were a show of power of the patriarchy. The most outward sign of the masculine energies jettisoning out of control were the World Wars. Boys and their toys. Generals waving their metaphoric phalluses around. Expelling missiles into the sacred crust of Gaia.

So now the polarising energies need to swing back to the feminine perhaps?

Whilst it may seem fair to let each side have their share, the feminine riding the masculine for orgasm, and vice versa, we’ve learnt from the Vedic tradition that the act of real tantra, the sacred act of sex to reach a state of divinity, is each side assisting each other, for dual and simultaneous climax. The two lovers both reach a state of an expansion of consciousness and awareness, being one with God.

On a grander scale, encompassing masculine and feminine energies into oneself can have the potential for personal tantra. It may seem like we’re about to give way to the feminine yet again, but that only creates another cycle, another jostle for power.

Humanity needs to merge its identities, male and female, dark and light and personify the yin and yang.