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On Being God and Death

16 Jun


“In order for memory to be valuable you also have to have a forgettery. That’s why we sleep every night. To refresh our selves. We go to the unconscious and that coming back to the conscious is a great experience. Well, when that’s gone on long enough, when day after day we remember the days that have gone before, even though there’s the interval of sleep, there comes a point when really, if we consider what is to our true liking, we would want to forget everything that went before. So that, we can once again have the experience of seeing the world through the eyes of a baby, what ever kind of baby; so that all is completely new. We would have all the startling wonder that a child has, all the vividness of perception, which we can’t have if we remember everything forever.

So do you see what happens?

The universe is a system which not only forgets itself and then again remembers anew so that there is always constant change and contained variety in the span of time, but it also does this in the span of space, by looking at itself through every different living organism, to give as it were, an all round view, one without prejudice and one sidedness. So death, in that sense, is a tremendous release from monotony. It puts an interval of total forgetting in a rhythmic process of on, off, on, off, so you can begin again and never get bored…”

An excerpt from an Alan Watts speech ( Podcast # 247) found on the Psychedelic Salon ( link below)



21 Oct

Everything is fleeting and impermanent in this life. So to the ones you love, the passions you hold dear and the morals that uphold you, give those things your fullest attention. If you like her tell her, if the guitar is calling, play it, and if you want to change the world then change it. Change it in anyway possible. Change you. Change your attitude. Smile more. Give more. Don’t expect favours to be returned. Don’t sit around waiting. Human beings can also be human doings. You’re as integral as the next one. All parts make the whole. We all are that whole.

Heart and Mind

5 Oct

“If it is held that there is something to be realised or attained apart from mind and thereupon mind is used to seek it, failure to understand that mind and the object of its search are one. Mind cannot be used to seek something from mind, for even in the passage of Kalpas the day would never come…

Alan WattsThe Way of Zen

To contemplate enlightened ideas is to utilise the mind. We do need to understand that there are avenues to enlightenment. But to utilise the mind to get there is folly. For what is taught from someone else’s methodology stems from that persons own mind. In my simple understanding I believe the ego is related to the mind and within heart lies the soul. A mind based enlightenment would encompass someone else’s version of enlightenment no matter how benevolent they are. It would absorb methodologies from your guru, teacher, master etc… This may suit some. However, contemplate your own self sovereignty. When does one get off their knees and become their own self entitled master? No leaders. No followers. Just you.

Enlightenment for me is a liberation of soul. Ones own soul. its very much a personal thing. I think we’re climbing the same mountain of awakening, but we have our own paths. Our own methods. Utilising your heart more would lead to this. I see more acts of heart based expression I.e gratitude, compassion understanding and simply love to be a most simple method. Maybe advanced crystal healing, reiki energy inducing, higher channeling, kundalini awakening is all too complicated? Love extends from the heart. Ego extends from the mind. Those that want to be masters will fall into the ego trap, those who want to live in a compassionate and awakened world will be selfless suppliers of love. Heart warriors.

Could LOVE be the answer? Give it a shot and see….


31 Aug

A wind that rattles the boughs,
The foundations are starting to shift,
Your pondering the outcome,
Stay fierce young brother.
The dust will clear
To a brighter day than anyone has ever seen.
A hope of Unfathomable proportions,
You’ve never been more scared now.
But stay fierce young sister,
The future is tomorrow,
No longer the wait,
Wishing isn’t good enough now,
You must KNOW,

Where to Now?

19 Aug

So the moment has come and gone and you still feel alone,
Shed the old life for a new direction,
Complacency has struck,
Old patterns must be relinquished ,
Keep pounding down the road
you know you were born to follow,
Live in decency and spread the message.
You feel unwanted because you aren’t going inwards,
The truth is in the heart.

You are creating this reality

Live it in integrity and don’t expect it will fix itself instantaneously,
For YOU have come this far and the dawn has struck,
Just wait to see what it brings.

Be strong for the TRUTH is launching everyone FORWARD


12 Aug

I am not this body,
It’s my suit,
It’s functions are separate from what I really am,
I’m eternal spirit,
Matter is no matter,
For energy is my action,
Directed consciousness,
Changing minds with words,
Ways of being,
I am the walrus,
As are you,
We gaze at each other and the truth is simply this,
We are the same thing,
We are points of energy,
Apertures of experience,
Infinite lives learning infinite lessons,
Inevitably falling back into oneness.

Slow Down

27 Jul

The world got itself in a big hurry”

Brooks, The Shawshank Redemption

These words always reverberate through me, walking streets in different countries around the world. No one stops and smells the roses anymore. No one is just happy to stroll. Everyone’s got an agenda, a stress to deal with, a destination to be gotten to quickly then to finally relieve the stress and hurry home to de-stress. The common answer to this is,
” we’ll that’s just life”. What a cop out! Your life is made up second by what you want it to be. You choose to be unhappy. It can only come from you. People allow themselves to get angry, unhappy, despairing. When you realise your the boss of it all, that’s the path you’ll want to follow evermore. As Alan Watts would’ve said : The Way of Waking Up.

It’s a clever system we’ve got over us. The helplessness and self imposed victim hood by the common man is very well much designed by the mainstream media to make one feel as if life is a dead end job, a mortgage and two kids. We’ve however reached a stage where the anecdotes of the common people are changing. People are realising life’s worth living, not existing within. For those who are asleep, they’ll be roused in their own time. If however your heart and soul are stirring for something more i’ll say : take the plunge. The rewards are limitless