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On Being God and Death

16 Jun


“In order for memory to be valuable you also have to have a forgettery. That’s why we sleep every night. To refresh our selves. We go to the unconscious and that coming back to the conscious is a great experience. Well, when that’s gone on long enough, when day after day we remember the days that have gone before, even though there’s the interval of sleep, there comes a point when really, if we consider what is to our true liking, we would want to forget everything that went before. So that, we can once again have the experience of seeing the world through the eyes of a baby, what ever kind of baby; so that all is completely new. We would have all the startling wonder that a child has, all the vividness of perception, which we can’t have if we remember everything forever.

So do you see what happens?

The universe is a system which not only forgets itself and then again remembers anew so that there is always constant change and contained variety in the span of time, but it also does this in the span of space, by looking at itself through every different living organism, to give as it were, an all round view, one without prejudice and one sidedness. So death, in that sense, is a tremendous release from monotony. It puts an interval of total forgetting in a rhythmic process of on, off, on, off, so you can begin again and never get bored…”

An excerpt from an Alan Watts speech ( Podcast # 247) found on the Psychedelic Salon ( link below)